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Questions about using HTML Purifier answered here. No problem is too small. 
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[Customization] Enable basic Javascript

by counterpoint
4,853 10 01/21/2018 09:42PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

how do i use form elements with html purifier

by scanos
86 4 01/21/2018 09:41PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

Problems with HTML which is generated by Word

by Jochem Blok
10,080 6 01/21/2018 08:58AM
Last Post by Annie mey

Allowing Custom Element Attributes

by fredanthony
5,191 5 01/09/2018 11:23AM
Last Post by dpalacio@sproutloud.com

HTMLPurifier is too BIG ?

by Yujin
2,569 9 12/22/2017 10:01PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

replace tag with space

by oleg
112 1 12/11/2017 12:02PM
Last Post by oleg

Directory .../Serializer not writable, please chmod to 777 in ../Serializer.php

by A.
234 2 10/08/2017 11:14PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

Confused about how to use HTML Purifier

by zoszsoz
7,989 4 09/29/2017 11:17PM
Last Post by fds

How do I get HTML Purifier to ignore the content in a pre tag?

by Roly
4,782 5 09/14/2017 05:33PM
Last Post by k

  Converted To Â

by laurin1
4,012 5 09/14/2017 04:28PM
Last Post by sneuberg

Allow dynamically generated base64 encoded SVG image

by scorpion8182
1,657 5 09/10/2017 07:15AM
Last Post by clair

Need to allow & in URL query strings

by Jim Donnell
231 3 09/01/2017 12:27AM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

Add attribute for html5 input type

by Edward
283 2 08/24/2017 10:26PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

Allow certain CSS properties

by elindydotcom
344 1 08/02/2017 07:30PM
Last Post by elindydotcom

how does Core.CollectErrors operate

by Pecos38
262 2 07/12/2017 07:20PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

Ruby elements 'not supported'

by dlstr
327 1 07/01/2017 02:12AM
Last Post by dlstr

Purify attributes without tags

by seb
419 2 05/28/2017 09:39PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

HTMLPurifier Not Removing Empty Table (but does on 'Live Demo')

by bbruman
453 14 05/17/2017 01:27PM
Last Post by bbruman

Automatic Purification of Link URIs

by mstrofbass
404 2 05/12/2017 11:27PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

disable user input with regexp (example email , domain names etc)

by chriz74
459 4 05/03/2017 10:08PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

How to add rel="noopener noreferrer" in every external anchor tag with target=_blank?

by KillerBee
4,509 5 05/01/2017 05:49AM
Last Post by deepak.singla

HTML Comment tag

by Osama
11,799 9 04/24/2017 11:27AM
Last Post by NMV

Help me understand the proper use of html purifier :)

by Dingo2
7,160 11 04/20/2017 11:23AM
Last Post by jbp

html comments inside the script tag

by cogo
4,034 6 04/14/2017 01:40AM
Last Post by test123

Use HTMLPurifier to filter out everything but instagrm embed code

by Sophie
460 2 04/11/2017 02:03PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

HTML.TargetBlank not working

by registrationsucks
787 7 04/11/2017 01:27AM
Last Post by registrationsucks

html5 data attributes

by johannes
611 2 03/22/2017 04:19PM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

How to remove unclose alt=" in img?

by macieksk
527 2 03/18/2017 03:53AM
Last Post by Ambush Commander

How to allow display attribute?

by Chris1904
590 1 03/16/2017 10:51PM
Last Post by Chris1904

Allow meta tags for structured data

by Suki
584 5 03/09/2017 02:18PM
Last Post by Suki