HTML Purifier removes YouTube allowfullscreen bool
January 17, 2016 04:47AM


I am trying to add YouTube support through TinyMCE, but no matter what config options set, HTML Purifier always removes 'allowfullscreen' bool from the iframe string. Since there are many custom class solutions from 2011 on the net, I really try to avoid using that approach. Is this solved in 2015/6? Whatever solution I tested, still the same result. TinyMCE is formatting boolean value as: allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen".

This is my base config:

$config->set('HTML.SafeIframe', true); $config->set('URI.SafeIframeRegexp', '%%'); // tried different things, does not help

Same goes for frameborder="0", which is also removed, but I can fix this via CSS. The only things preserved are width and height.

Is there a native support for this in HTML Purifier and how can we do it?


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