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Multifunctional Emergency Solar Charger price

Posted by hm8hm8 
Multifunctional Emergency Solar Charger price
July 01, 2018 11:31PM

Emergency Solar Power Case Composed of flexible CIGS solar cells, control units, inverter units, a switching power supply and a storage battery, 80W power supply unit can provide stable and reliable AD/CD output. In the meanwhile, the unit can be charged by the on-grid power supply, achieving energy savings and making the most of your investments. Key words: solar power battery case iphone; solar charger camping; solar charger car battery; solar charger for laptop; best portable solar charger with battery a.Quick details Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: Sun harmonics Model Number: SY-ESPC Accessories: Charger Bag Flexibility: Portable Size: 430*340*200mm Power: 80W Solar panel: Flexible CIGS Weight: 11.4kg Working temperature: -25~55℃ b.Packaging & Delivery Delivery Detail: Shipped in 15 days after payment c.Product Specifications Power supply uni Size430*340*200mm Outputs5V/1A; 5V/2A;12V/5A devices AC output voltage: AC220V±2% Pure-sine wave AC output power: 500W Charging methodsSolar charging: the maximum charging current is 10A; The maximum voltage is lower than 50V. On grid charging: 100-220V 50/60Hz, 5A Peak current120A(3s) Weight11.4kg Working temperature-10-55℃ SY-SPF8 Maximum power80W Maximum tolerance±7% Voc21.6V Isc6.3A Folded size349*253*20mm Size unfolded1120*1044mm Weight1.2kg Output portSAE Working temperature-40-70℃ WarrantyOne year d.Applications The unit can be widely used to provide power independent of grid in remote locations and it is an excellent choice in traveling, fishing, border posting and other outdoor activities. ● Jump start a car ● Traveling ● fishing ● Gardening ● Exploration ● Charge mobile devices ● Disaster relief ● Home emergency ● campingMultifunctional Emergency Solar Charger price website:http://www.sygdcigscell.com/outdoor-modules/multifunctional-emergency-solar-charger/

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