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Bottled Chemical in stock

Posted by cuod88b 
Bottled Chemical in stock
July 09, 2018 04:53AM

Product features 1: This product’s character can be stable, long time effective, and easy to use, no residue and side effects, and can be shed dirt. 2: This product has the department of chlorine and chlorine preparation double disinfection characteristic, disinfection effect is stronger than the bleaching powder, bleaching powder several times. 3: Using this product, the wall will be not fouling, clear water and can reduce the frequency change water. Advantages 1: No end of suction, more convenient 2: Than with polyaluminium chloride, water is more clear 3: Lower labor costs 4: Less water consumption 5: 20 years a well-known brand, quality is guaranteed! Dosage 2 g/1m³ of available chlorine usage can improve the water solubility 1 PPM. When the start of the swimming season, to make impact disinfection and algae in water, 6 to 10g/1m3/second; Daily maintenance: 2g/1m³/day Matters needing attention 1: When water quality can not meet the standard, according to the following program enhancements; The first step, add disinfectants; The second step, adjust PH value; The third step, put in clarifying agent or precipitation agent; The fourth step, absorbing pollutant. 2: When the rain weather, it is easy to cause the change of the water, should be timely adding disinfectant, to remain water quality the same. 3: external use disinfectant, not oral, placed in the place children can not touch. 4: the product stored in a cool and dry place, do not insolate rain, not with acid and alkali, grease material mixed with. 5: the product of metal corrosion effect, effect on fabric bleach and corrosion, with caution. Bottled Chemical in stock website:http://www.fussenworld.com/swimming-pool-chemical/bottled-chemical/

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