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Plastic moulding

Posted by cuod88b 
Plastic moulding
July 09, 2018 04:54AM

Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details:outside plastic woven bag with inside wet-proof plastic bag. 25kg/bag. Delivery Detail:within 10 days after received your TT money or original LC best quality urea moulding compound for electrical standard: GB13454-92 CAS NUMER:9011-05-6 HS CODE:3909.10.00 certifications: ISO9001,ISO14001 free samples: 500g/color MOQ:1×20‘FCL= 20 tons molding temperature: 160-180°C Grade (as per molding method): Compression grade color:white,winner,water,cream,VV,MK,green,ivory,violet,orange,green,red,black,etc. as per you request. features: high strength, anti-scratch, anti-PH, anti-heat, no poison, good shinning, no color changing with long term use, easy-molding, etc. We have two melamine formaldehyde molding compound A5 production lines, this product is mainly used for the production of high-grade low-voltage electric switches, toilet seats and other related products, it is used widely. This product has the following features: good water resistance, low shrinkage, smooth appearance, good mechanical performance, stable processing performance. Better than other domestic similar products. As a famous Group Company we are not only good at wood deep processing, but also specialize in chemical production. There are three subsidiary branches including plywood factory, glue factory and urea moulding compound factory. Jining Huitsuen Chemical is our shared company whose subsidiary branches with glue products are distributed in Tengzhou, Jining, Linyi and Jiangsu Shuyan cities. We have strong technical design ability, high advanced equipment, real perfect testing method and excellent safety management systems which help us got ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment system and US CARB II certificates. At the same time, we are successfully getting Production permit from National Quality Technical Supervision Bureau. The quality of Guheng plywood is passed National Plywood Quality Supervision Determination Center’s testing Lead time: normally within 1 week after receiving your deposit or L/C, or according to your order quantity. melaminemoulding compound is widely used to produce all imitation porcelain dishware such as plate, bowl and chopstick; Entertainment products such as mahjong, domino, chess and dice; Commodity products such as socket, switch, plug and electrical enclosure. Storage period: six months from the manufacturing date. Test should be undertaken when expires. Qualified products can still be used. Transportation Caution: avoid moisture, heat, dirt and packaging damage. Technical Specification: to GB13454-92 Standard No.IndexUnit Type Testing Method A- 1Appearance After molding, the surface should be flat, shinny and smooth, no bubbles or crack, color and foreign material achieves standard. 2Resistance to boiling water No mushy, permit little color fade and purseGB13454 3Volatile matter%,≤4.00GB13455 4Water absorb (cold)mg, ≤100GB1034 5Shrinkage%0.60-1.00GB13454 6Distortion Temperature°C≥115GB1634 7Fluiditymm140-200GB13454 8Impact Strength (notch)KJ/m2, ≥1.8GB1043 9Bending StrengthMpa, ≥80GB9341 10Insulation Resistance after 24h in waterMΩ≥104GB1410 11Dielectric strengthMV/m,≥9.0GB1408 12Baking ResistanceGRADEIGB2407 Melamine formaldehyde molding compound powder is usually used to produce high-grade plastic products, daily necessities, because of its products manufactured good quality, high gloss, non-toxic tasteless, safe and secure use, recognized by domestic and foreign customers, leading domestic similar products.Plastic moulding website:http://www.gaoxingnewmaterial.com/melamine-formaldehyde-molding-compound/

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