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paper machine wires factory

Posted by cuod88b 
paper machine wires factory
July 09, 2018 04:55AM

Polyester single layer forming fabric for tissue papers Forming fabric is one of the important spare parts on the paper machine,which is used for sheet forming and dewatering,it makes the pulp suspension dehydrated from headbox and take the paper web run to the next section. 4-shed single layer fabrics is the standard type of polyester forming fabrics in making paper. It is used for producing Culture paper, Writing printing, Packing paper, News print,Kraft,Tissue,OTC,Speciality,Board,etc. 5-shed forming fabrics used for Toilet paper,Printing and Packing papers,News Print, Light Weight Kraft and Normal Kraft, especially,in Iran,it is used to make Kraft paper,Corrugating paper,etc. 7-shed double layer fabric is suitable for Quality Printing paper and Tissue paper etc. 8-shed single layer fabrics is the most wear-resisting one in the single layer fabric, which have long performance life,it is mainly used for copying the Papermaking, high basic weight paper and Packing papers,such as Kraft paper ,Fluting paper,Corrugating paper,etc. 8-shed double layer fabrics is suitable for Quality Printing paper,Kraft paper, News print, Speciality, Tissue paper and the surface pulp, and inner pulp for the board paper etc. 8-shed,16-shed double layer fabrics is suitable for Quality Printing paper, Tissue paper and the surface pulp, inner pulp and bade pulp of the board paper etc. Mufti-shed three-layer fabric is suitable for making Quality Printing paper, Paper and Cigarette etc. 1.5 layer forming fabrics used for writting printing paper,kraft paper,corrugating paper,etc. 2.5 layer forming fabrics used for printing paper,tissue paper and surface pulp,inner pulp and base pulp of the board paper. 3 layer forming fabrics used for quality printing paper,good adaptability on high speed of paper machine. Related Products: Factory Process of Forming Fabrics: paper machine wires factory website:http://www.kbpolyestermesh.com/paper-machine-clothing/

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