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precision casting foundry price

Posted by cuod88b 
precision casting foundry price
July 09, 2018 04:57AM

Carbon steel die casting description Material: carbon steel (B grade) Standard: TB/T 2942 Casting process: precision casting by sodium silicate Weight: 65KGS RT:GB/T 5677 2 grade Heat treatment method: NBK Surface treatments: shot blasting and polishing Chemical Composition: C:0.3 Si:0.85 Mn:0.66 S:0.015 P:0.023 Mechanical property: Tensile strength: 560MPa Yield strength: 320MPa Elongation: 27% Reduction of area:43% Tolerance grade: CT10 Technical key points Ø Molten steel tapping temperature be controlled between 1640 ℃ -1650 ℃, if temperature is too high, it’s easy to adsorb oxidize in the air; After tapping, slag repeatedly, then sedate for 3-5 minutes for slagging and degassing to purify molten steel. for stainless steel casting, casting temperature should be strictly controlled at 1580 ℃ -1590 ℃, thin-walled ultra-low carbon stainless steel pump body, pouring temperature can be controlled at 1590 ℃ -1610 ℃; whole processes before pouring, cover agent should be applied to prevent the molten steel surface exposed to the air, resulting in oxidative and inhalation, which will seriously affecting the quality of molten steel Ø Ni, Mo, Cu, ferrochromium, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon and other metal alloy materials used in the smelting must be baked at high temperature before adding, so that to thoroughly remove oil and moisture and prevent the oxidation of molten steel. Our customers QUALITY ASSURANCCE Ø Strict contract auditing invloved all departments to assure the feasibility of each order. Ø Process design and validation before bulk production. Ø Strictly control on all raw and auxiliary materials, All raw materials reach the world advanced level. Ø On-site inspection to all processes, inspection record keep traceable for 3 years. Ø All inspectors are skilled with international certificates. Ø Qualified WPS and professional welders guarantee welding quality. Ø 100% inspection of finished sprouts before shipment. Ø Advanced and complete testing and inspection equipment: NDT, metal Microscope, impact tester, hardness tester... Ø Regular training for inspection staff TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGES Ø We are a innovation-driven company, we have five patents and another 13 patents will be expected to get in short months. Ø we are willing to develop all new material only if it’s required in application. Ø Advantage technology in composition control, especially super low carton steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel. Ø We cast very good surface of thin-wall castings, which is normally not easy to control for sand castings, but we made suitable technology and are able to guarantee smooth no-defect surface. Ø Crack is fatal flaw for pressure resistant container. We can make sure no crack inside and outside of the pump and valve castings, and a good pressure-resistant performance. Ø All our technology innovation only for one aim--- the best quality, even that means a higher cost and lower production rate. FAQ 1. Can you provide machined finished parts? A: Yes, we have our own machining center, we have machines for different machining process and CNC machining center. 2. What information do you need if I want to get a quotation? A: We need to know the material code, casting drawing and machining drawing with specification included. rpump, Hitachi, Swater, GE, CAT, WKM etc. our products received good response from our customers. 3. What kinds of physical and chemical testing you can provide? A: The physical and chemical testing we provide include: Ø chemical composition testing Ø physical property testing:hardness test,Tensile performance testing, room temperature impact testing, low temperature impact test Ø NDT: PT, MT, UT &RT Ø Metallographic testing 4. Can you list the smelting equipment of your company? A: We have 3 models of medium-frequency induction furnaces: 0.5 tons, 2 tons and 3 tons 5. Can you guarantee the traceability of your products? A: Regular products: On-site inspection record and FG Test report will be kept more than 3 years Important products:On-site inspection record and FG Test report will be kept more than 5 years , applying processing card system, and make sure one card for each piece, thus to keep each piece of products are traceable. 6. What’s your annual production capacity? A: We cast more then 1500 tons of all kinds steel castings annually.precision casting foundry price website:http://www.pump-casting.com/investment-castings/railway-and-automobile-cast-parts/

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