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buy Anode Rod

Posted by momu203 
buy Anode Rod
July 10, 2018 02:45AM

Xi’an Howah Industry was established in 2010, and headquarter is located in Xi’an,China. Howah is the industry's leading company who are engaged in researching&developing, manufacturing and sales of sacrificial anode,impressed current anode,DSA anode&electrodeand cathode materials for cathodic protection,water treatment,electroplating industry,we could provide complete electrochemical solutions to serve diversified markets.Our company has three large workshops and a competently technical team with strong capability. Products&Technologies A very large variety of anodes for applications in almost every possible electrochemical systems and processes are being designed, produced and supplied by us. our anodes are used for: Cathodic Protection System Water Treatment System Metal Electrowinning system Electroplating system Electro synthesis system Chlor-Alkali system Research&Development Capability Howah has been insisting on a development path of technology innovation and development, and have been paid a lot of attention on building of scientific research platform and an efficient scientific and technological talents group. Quality Control system We will be stable productivity and strict quality monitoring to provide quality products according to ISO9001, With guaranteed product quality, all products are tested using precision electronic instruments before packing and delivery to clients. Xi’an Howah Industry Technology Co.,Ltd No.388 Fengcheng six Road,Economic Technology Development Zone,Xi’an China Tel:+86-29-86680870 Fax:+86-29-86680871 Web:www.howah-anode.com Wed:www.howahmetal.com Email:erin@howahmetal.combuy Anode Rod website:http://www.howahanode.com/

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