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cheap Auto Pillar

Posted by momu203 
cheap Auto Pillar
July 10, 2018 03:45AM

stamping A pillar for TOYOTA auto With professional foreign trade team,DEWIN GROUP LIMITED, specialized in aftermarket auto sheet metal parts and mold developing for various vehicles,provide the best service and high quality products to all customers. DEWIN factory located in Baoying,Yangzhou cist,Jiangsu province, China.We have employed more than 200 staff and total 156 sets of major equipments, has six workshops of stamping,laser,cutting,metalworking,tooling and assembly-electrophoresis to produce car door,fender,hood,trunk lids,axle,bumper support,roof and so on, fit for Nissan,Toyota,Honda series.But above all,we bulit own R&D center from 2006 for mold research and development,professional R&D team,high speed CNC and CAD/CAM/CAE design system, which could meet different customers’ demands and develop new product. Upholding our management philosophy: Quality, Technology, Innovation, and Service, we strictly control the quality with best service and competitive price. We sincerely welcome our friends and customers to visit our plants and office and hope to search for a win-win solution. Main Products: Front door,rear door,fender,tail gate,hood,trunk lid,tail panel,bumper reinforcement,radiator support,pillar. Workshop: Packing and Warehouse: Shipment: TNT, DHL, UPS,Fedex or EMS. Air transport. Truck or Train. Sea Transport. Main information: The number of staff: more than 200. Major equipments: 156 sets. Certificate: ISO 9001 and TS16949. Main products: auto sheet metal parts/auto-body parts. R&D (research and development) center. Production capacity: 1,000,000 pcs part per year and 80 sets of mold. Contact US, LET US TALK ABOUT CAR WORLD Email: nikou@dewin.cn Tel:+86 18789477072 QQ: 1251119230 Skype:nikou_dewin As one of the professional manufacturers of various auto parts, DEWIN now warmly welcomes you to wholesale our high quality and highly precise stamping a pillar for toyota auto for sale at cheap price. Offering online service, please be free to contact us.cheap Auto Pillar website:http://www.dewin-autoparts.com/auto-pillar/

Re: cheap Auto Pillar
July 11, 2018 01:27AM

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