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Robotic Parking System design

Posted by tam520pi 
Robotic Parking System design
July 12, 2018 05:23AM

Shaanxi Long Xiang Parking Equipment Group Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi Longxiang) is established in 2012 with RMB 300 million registered found. The corporate dedicate to R&D, design and produce intelligent parking equipment, the products include AGV intelligent Robot,MAX Robot Parking System,Tower Parking System,Shuttling Parking System,Traveling Stack Parking System,Collision-avoidance Parking System,Lift&slide Parking System,Compact Parking System. Shaanxi Longxiang Mechanical Parking Equipment Demonstration Industrial Park introduced advanced equipment and technology, such as automatic CNC three-dimensional drilling production line, plastic spraying production line, automatic welding robot production line, automatic edge beam, the wave plate rolling production line, CNC processing center, bending shearing machine and plasma flame cutting machine. It has more than 60 top designers are devoted to R&D team, integrate to Japanese leading technology, adopt German product advantages. It is the first team to propose and practice “SGS” precision standard, which is significantly higher than others in the industry. The technical superiority can guarantee the corporate products stand first on the list. Recently, Industry Park can produce 120,000 all type of mechanical Parking Equipment, include vertical lifting solid garage, slide elevator, aisle-stack and automatic circular mechanical parking system. It has become the biggest mechanical parking system R&D manufacturing base in China. ADD:Floor 18,Block D,Yuehan International Building,No.38,Jinye Road,High-tech Zone,Xi'an city,Shaanxi Provence,China TEL:+86-29-88865536 +86-29-88865526 FAX:+86-29-88865382 EMAIL:Lxparking@163.comRobotic Parking System design website:http://www.parkingsystemcns.com/

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