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hybrid stepper motor driver

Posted by tam520pi 
hybrid stepper motor driver
July 12, 2018 05:23AM

2M422A Characteristic : Using new digital sinusoidal micro-segmentation algorithm 1.Lower heating and noise , higher stability 2.The phase current can be adjusted by switch DIP. 3.For the input control signal, electric circuit use optically coupled isolator to low the noise interference . 4.With short circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature protection and improving functions stepper Motor driver Specification : Input Power supply :10-36VDC Output Current0.4A~2.5A Drive WayPWM constant current chopping ,two phase Sine wave output current Suitable stepper motor28,35,39,42 series two phase stepper motor Ambient environment-10℃~55℃ 15~85%RH、No condensation. Non-corrosive, flammable, explosive, conductive gas, liquid and dust Keeping enviroment-40℃~+55℃, <93%RH,No condensation, no frost Size (L*W*H)85*55*20mm Net Weight0.1Kg Current Setting : SW1-SW3000001010011100101110111 Phase current0.4A0.7A1.0A1.3A1.6A1.9A2.2A2.5A Microstep Subdivision setting : SW1-SW3000100010110001101011111 Steps / rev2004008001600320064001280025600 Description : Microstep setting Users can set the driver Microstep by the SW1-SW5 five switches,total 28 micro-step. When you set the microstep , pls stop the driver working。The setting of the specific Microstep subdivision, please refer to the instructions of the driver panel figure . Output current setting Users can set the driver Microstep by the SW1-SW5 five switches. The setting of the specific Microstep subdivision, please refer to the instructions of the driver panel figure.. Double pulse setting SW7 sets pulse mode, setting “on'' as double pulse mode, setting “off'' as pulse + direction mode.,CW+/CW is Clockwise ,CCW+/CCW- is Counterclockwise , need to confirm the wire of stepper motor 。 Automatic half current function Users can set the driver half flow function by SW6. "OFF" indicates the quiescent current is set to half of the dynamic current, that is to say, 0.5 seconds after the cessation of the pulse, current reduce to about half automatically. "ON" indicates the quiescent current and the dynamic current are the same. User can set SW6 to "OFF", in order to reduce motor and driver heating and improve reliability. Self test function When SW1-SW5 is OFF , Inner of drive send 1K pulse to test whether the motor,wire,and self is normal。 signal Interface PUL+ and PUL- are the positive and negative side of control pulse signal; DIR+ and DIR- are the positive and negative side of direction signal; ENA+ and ENA- are the positive and negative side of enable signal . Motor Interface A+ and A- are connected to a phase winding of motor; B+ and B- are connected to another phase winding of motor. If you need to backward, one of the phase windings can be reversed . Power Interface It uses DC power supply,recommended working voltage is 10-36VDC,power is over 50W,voltage shouldn’t be over 36VDC and below 10VDC。 Indicator Lightor There are two indicator lights. Power indicator is green. When the driver power on, the green light will always be lit. Fault indicator is red, when there is over-voltage or over-current fault, the red light will always be lit; after the driver fault is cleared, if re-power the red light will be off.。 Installation The size of motor driver is 86×55×20 mm,mounting holes is 78mm。Chest and upright installation are ok,we suggest upright installation。 During installation, it should be close to the metal cabinet for heat dissipation. signal interface and sequence in time : Time signal : Inner electric circuit of motor drive : Interface connection and installing size : This nema 14 hybrid stepper motor driver with lower noise, high accuracy, high efficiency and short circuit, comes from Weitong which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in this field. Having been well exported to the United States, Germany, Russia, etc, you can rested assured to buy our equipment at cheap price.hybrid stepper motor driver website:http://www.woto-motor.com/stepper-motor-driver/

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