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Embedding html video code in nuke evo 2.0.7 site

Posted by mxsanders 
Embedding html video code in nuke evo 2.0.7 site
June 04, 2008 01:26PM

Hi there!! I use to be able to use the following html video code on my nuke evolution website. I could use it for blocks on the homepage and in content but after upgrading from evo 2.0.5 to the recommended 2.0.7 whenever I try and do this the most of the code I enter gets deleted by purifier.

I posted on http://www.nuke-evolution.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=15367 and they recommended that I come here and ask the following "go to HTMLPurifier.com and ask them what you can do to allow this type of code. He will give you config changes. You will need to add them to includes/classes/class.variables.php find: if (is_admin()) { they will go under that"

I couldnt figure out how to display the html in this post so follow the link below to see what I am talking about. -----> http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/641/codeks1.jpg

Have I come to the right place?


Re: Embedding html video code in nuke evo 2.0.7 site
June 04, 2008 06:31PM

Hmm. In theory setting %HTML.Trusted to true would allow your code to pass through, however we haven't implemented most of the attributes used there, so it won't work (yet. Eventually it will :-) Just not in the near future). Make a custom block (not exactly sure how to do this with Nuke, I've punted back to them, and if HTML Purifier needs to make some adjustments to jive with it I'll see what I can do.)

P.S. To post HTML, copy paste the CDATA template in the post help-text, and put your HTML where indicated.

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