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4.8.0 UNC Links Removed

Posted by laurin1 
4.8.0 UNC Links Removed
October 16, 2016 07:21AM

I just updated from 4.7.0 to 4.8.0 and now these have the HREF being stripped out.

From this:

<a href="file://server09.pridedallas.com/Pride/Forms/empeval.pdf" target="_blank">\\server09.pridedallas.com\Pride\Forms\empeval.pdf</a>

To this:

<a target="_blank" rel="noreferrer">\\server09.pridedallas.com\Pride\Forms\empeval.pdf</a>

I'm about to dig into this, but in case anyone had ideas of what changed that could be causing this, please let me know as this was working in 4.7.0.

Re: 4.8.0 UNC Links Removed
October 16, 2016 07:38AM

Ok, so if I set HTML.TargetNoreferrer to false, it works again. After further review, I realized that I was having to capture these manually and "put them back" after HTMLPurifier removed them all along. The problem is the rel="noreferrer" is breaking that process. I can figure how to work with that now.

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