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Need to allow & in URL query strings

Posted by Jim Donnell 
Jim Donnell
Need to allow & in URL query strings
August 31, 2017 02:07AM

I'm using HTMLPurifier to clean my data before inserting it into our database but I need to allow URLs with query string parameters such as:

Here's some text that goes in the database and here's a url: http://www.somedomain.com?a=1&b=2

HTMLPurifier changes the URL to:


which means that b=2 is not passed when the person clicks on the URL (or copies and pastes it - I sometimes make them href links depending on how they are going to be used.)

Any suggestions on how to make this work would be GREATLY appreciated!


Jim Donnell
Re: Need to allow & in URL query strings
August 31, 2017 02:11AM

Well -that post didn't work because the "Ampersand"amp; that HTMLPurifier substitutes in got taken out of the post I assume by HTMLPurifier...

Hopefully people will understand the problem...


Re: Need to allow & in URL query strings
September 01, 2017 12:27AM

Is your database JUST urls, or is it HTML with URLs int?


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.htmlpurifier-help {display:none;}