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How is the global population distributed across the world?

Posted by fogoos 
How is the global population distributed across the world?
January 13, 2020 03:40AM

One way to understand the distribution of people across the world is to reform the world map, not based on area but according to population.

This is shown here in a population cartogram: a geographical presentation of the world where the size of the countries are not drawn according to the distribution of land, but according to the distribution of people. The cartogram shows where in the world the global population was at home in 2018.

The cartogram is made up of squares, each of which represents half a million people of a country’s population. The 11.5 million Belgians are represented by 23 squares; the 49.5 million Colombians are represented by 99 squares; the 1.415 billion people in China are represented by 2830 squares; and the entire world population of 7.633 billion people in 2018 is represented by the total sum of 15,266 squares.

As the size of the population rather than the size of the territory is shown in this map you can see some big differences when you compare it to the standard geographical map we’re most familiar with. Small countries with a high population density increase in size in this cartogram relative to the world maps we are used to – look at Bangladesh, Taiwan, or the Netherlands. Large countries with a small population shrink in size (look for Canada, Mongolia, Australia, or Russia).

You can find more details on this cartogram in our explainer: ‘The map we need if we want to think about how global living conditions are changing‘.

Re: How is the global population distributed across the world?
January 13, 2020 02:58PM

The population is growing and cities are growing. You can even notice it by constantly changing area codes https://areacodes.net/702. Every year new area codes are being added, and the old codes get changed. It means that new areas are added to the cities as they are expanding. And this is a global process, which can be traced in all large countries of the world. Do you agree?

Re: How is the global population distributed across the world?
February 10, 2020 11:42PM

It is not easy to find how the global population is distributed across the world. This post shares information on the ways to find out this. read more To make a map showing the population of a country is difficult and time-consuming.

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