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China Single-layer Warning Lamp

Posted by fangbaby4513 
China Single-layer Warning Lamp
October 09, 2018 01:29AM

HBJD-90 series 90mm Industrial Warning Light 1.Detail description: This type is 90mm size signal tower, Can with led or no led, can with buzzer or no buzzer. 2.Features Module design simple mounting and removal of the elements new combinations at the twist of a hand, tool-free bulb change 24VDC~220VAC Common voltage Protection rating IP54 LED technology ensure even better visibility 3.Detail description: SIZE: 90MM Function: continuous sound and discontinuous sound. Crust material: Plastic Led Color: Red,green,yellow, Sound Intensity ≥85dB(about 0.1Meter away)/ ≥75dB(about 1Meter away) 4.Drawing: 5.Price and shipping information: From 1 to 1000pcs : Price : USD23.50 Over 1000pcs: 5% discount Lead time: 1000pcs/15workdays Payment: T.T before shipment. Shipping way: Contact us by email. 6.Quality warranty: 1 year after shipment 7.Why you choose us: Q:Are you factory? A:Yes,We focus on Push button Switch and Power Relay more than 27 Years. Q:How about your Product Quality? A:I cannot answer to you from our side. But our customers said to us our products quality is good and most of all products approval of UL and TUV. After you use it, you will know more understanding for our quality. Q:How about your price? A:Our price no expensive, but also not cheap, in general, quality is better then price. Q:How long is your products Warranty Period? A:Generally, 2 years(After shipment date). Q:Where can I get more products details? A:Please check our website:www.wzjh.cc. 8.Picture about factory: China Single-layer Warning Lamp website:http://www.onpowswitch.com/warning-lamp/single-layer-warning-lamp/

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