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3G Module Made in China

Posted by fangbaby4513 
3G Module Made in China
October 09, 2018 01:29AM

QUECTEL 3G UC20 specification Brief introduction 1.UC20 Mini PCIe Series Frequency Bands FrequencyUC20-E Mini PCIeUC20-A Mini PCIeUC20-G Mini PCIe UMTS900/ 2100MHz850/ 1900MHz800/ 850/ 900/1900/ 2100MHz GSM/EDGE850/ 900/1800/1900MHz 850/ 900/1800/1900MHz Embedded GNSSYYY RegionEMEA/ APACAmericaGlobal CertificationCE/ GCF/ DOC (for Russia)/ RCMFCC/ PTCRB/AT&TAT&T/ CE/ FCC/PTCRB/ RCM 2.Pin Assignment 3.Functional Diagram 4.Mechanical Dimensions of EC25 Mini PCIe 5.GNSS Key Benefits ● High sensitivity GNSS receiver available for applications requiring fast and accurate fixes in any location 3G Module Made in China website:http://www.qyboards.com/external-modules/3g-module/

Re: 3G Module Made in China
July 05, 2019 01:55AM

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Re: 3G Module Made in China
July 14, 2019 10:44PM

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Re: 3G Module Made in China
August 07, 2019 01:51AM

But now I have heard that in China most of the people use 4G and they also working on 5G. Maybe in the end of this year or next, they will start using 5G. I have heard this news in resumeshelpservice.com website. I am waiting for 5G in my country. I hope it will come soon.

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