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custom Downspout Machine

Posted by fangbaby4513 
custom Downspout Machine
October 09, 2018 01:29AM

WHO WE ARE Jiangsu LeBron Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (Brand Name: LBM) is a professional designer and manufacturer of the metal sheet roll forming machines and steel coil processing machines. Founded in 2007, with the 10 years’ experience of design and manufacture, now LBM is a leading and widely recognized manufacturer and exporter of the roll forming machines and steel coil processing machines. WHOM DO WE SERVE With over 2000 customer relationships, LBM sells to leading companies in a wide variety of industries. we service a multitude of industries with custom metal roll forming equipment including: · Vessel Manufacturing · Automotive · Decking & Panel · Garage Doors (including door skins and track) · Window & Door Frame · Pre-Engineered Building (including roofing, siding, purlins, gutter, soffit, and corner-bead) · Electrical Distribution · Waste-water Treatment · Fencing · Heating and Air Conditioning, · Lighting · Solar · Shelving and Racking · Constructions OUR ADVANTAGES · Germany COPRA software design · 5 engineers with more than 20 years experience · 30 professional technician · 22 sets advanced CNC production lines on site · Passionate Team · Installation engineers can reach your factory within 6 days · 3 years maintenance and whole life technical support LBM constantly providing good quality machines to our clients with timely deliveries at the most competitive prices. Meantime, LBM has the people and experience to help you succeed with dedicated after sales support, customer service and technical expertise. custom Downspout Machine website:http://www.rollerformers.com/


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