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Join in RS Celestial Lanterns TH Promo for Dusk & Dawn Lanterns

Posted by cuberwhite 
Join in RS Celestial Lanterns TH Promo for Dusk & Dawn Lanterns
July 11, 2019 02:08AM

The latest Treasure Hunter promotion Celestial Lanterns is coming on July 11th. There are 2 new lanterns called Dusk Lantern and Dawn Lantern, which offer both direct and bonus XP for either players’ 5 highest or 5 lowest skills.

New TH promotion – RS Celestial Lanterns A new Treasure Hunter promotion RuneScape Celestial Lanterns has been released in game. Celestial Lanterns runs from 00:00 on Thursday July 11 through to 23:59 on Monday July 15, 2019. During this Treasure Hunter promotion, there is a chance to obtain RuneScape Dusk Lantern and Dawn Lantern, offering heavenly XP returns for either the 5 highest skills or 5 lowest skills.

Get RuneScape Dusk Lantern & Dawn Lantern When the Celestial Lanterns Treasure Hunter promotion begins, you have the chance to gain both RuneScape Dawn Lantern and Dusk Lantern in Treasure Hunter. Each kind of lanterns has the sizes of small, medium, large and huge. Both Dawn Lanterns and Dusk Lanterns can give direct experience as well as bonus experience like a lava lantern. RuneScape Dusk Lantern gives increased direct and bonus XP if you choose one of your 5 highest skills; Dawn Lanterns do the same but for one of your 5 lowest skills. In addition, you have the ability to switch between RuneScape Dawn Lantern and Dusk Lantern. You just need to right-click on a Lantern in your inventory and choose to convert it.

Re: Join in RS Celestial Lanterns TH Promo for Dusk & Dawn Lanterns
August 02, 2019 06:13AM

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Re: Join in RS Celestial Lanterns TH Promo for Dusk & Dawn Lanterns
September 03, 2019 08:43AM

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