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Someone posted a guide on the Warcraft Classic subreddit

Posted by rsgoldsale 
Someone posted a guide on the Warcraft Classic subreddit
July 12, 2019 10:42PM

Isn't the likely case that there'll be a single subscription fee for WoW Classic individuals who versa wills try and the two retail. To get a wow token in retail could not you farm in which case to pay for the subscription. So that I might not understand I played vanilla. However, my point is keep the wow and I am fine if you use it to pay for vanilla subs. Continue the in game trade of it.

Simple. While I may not agree with all of Tea Thymes opinions... I really like hearing other players ideas that are going to be playing WoW Classic!! There's no need to shut his remarks along with down this guy, or anybody for that matter. Most of the suggestions coming from the community members are going to be pretty ludicrous anyways and whatever we say truly is not going to influence the outcome of WoW Classic. Thank you for putting this together Defcamp!?

I'm in agreement here up to no Tokens. It will ruin the pleasure of WoW Classic for me. I am looking forward to playing a sport where people have to work hard and make their gear and their esteem on the server, not buy it.tokens at WoW Classic won't occur, its an extremely uneducated issue to pressume, Blizzard need money, yes... that's why they won't add it.

Nobody is going to be subbed for WoW Classic when you can find tokens, literally destroying the market will just make everyone crawl back into personal servers. The most effective business strategy is always to create the game true, which is ALL they've said they're doing.

Tokens allow u to pay for the sub floor right, if I am not confused? That would indicate that buying the blossom for WoW Classic Gold in retail would provide u the sub at no cost, hence allowing u play for free. That does require 1 to play retail though, but because the WoW Classic will be a part of their normal sub, then u may play both games.

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Re: Someone posted a guide on the Warcraft Classic subreddit
July 14, 2019 10:41PM

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Re: Someone posted a guide on the Warcraft Classic subreddit
July 20, 2019 09:56AM

I have juts recently entered the WoW "arena" and am excited to play and learn. So I may not be much help with giving any ideas yet but I'm pumped to have joined this group and ready to get hooked on this game!! Ted - www.treeserviceregina.com | click here

Re: Someone posted a guide on the Warcraft Classic subreddit
August 01, 2019 03:10AM

Blizzard has announced that there will NOT be sharding, however there will be a new system called layering. Layering is specially designed to emulate what it would be like to play on a populated server back in the day while simultaneously increasing server stability but you have some time to check how to write a dissertation methodology.

Re: Someone posted a guide on the Warcraft Classic subreddit
November 06, 2019 08:10AM

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Re: Someone posted a guide on the Warcraft Classic subreddit
November 06, 2019 08:14AM

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