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My Experience Working As A Cam Girl

Posted by fdpiiro 
My Experience Working As A Cam Girl
October 22, 2019 03:47PM

It happened through a friend of a friend of mine. That’s usually how these things go. She had found, through a network of girls, a website that paid decent money for cam girling if you put the work in. I signed up, submitted my name, ID, bank details and some photos and within 24 hours I was approved as a bonafide Cam Girl ­with no bloody idea of what I was doing.

For my first show I applied some make­up, did my hair and put on a deep v-neck leotard. It was the middle of summer and boiling hot even in just that. I sat on my bed, placed my webcam facing toward me and sat doodling in my sketchpad, waiting for patrons.

Eventually they came. My chat room began to fill up and I started talking to a few guys in the group chat. I only typed at first: At the time I lived in a sharehouse with only guys my age and really wasn’t interested in them finding out about my moonlit habits.

Re: My Experience Working As A Cam Girl
October 22, 2019 04:04PM

I have found some notes from a cam girl. I could not sleep and wake up early. I had a feeling that today my life will change for the better and new good events will become a part of my life now. My English is my trouble and I was worry about it since I started to work as a cam girl. But I have understood that basic level is enough to start and earn money. My preparation took very long: I made a makeup, choose clothes, shoes and took a shower. So, unwittingly I realized that I am in front of my camera on http://myteenwebcam.com The first minutes were cute and I was always smiling, then I saw people writing to me and I tried to reply with the help of an online translator. I liked it, I will do it again.

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