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Food challenges for YouTube

Posted by litoos 
Food challenges for YouTube
November 01, 2019 06:22AM

10000 calorie challenge Because we are under the food challenges for YouTube, I'll start with the challenge with the most eating involved. Grab at least 10000 calories worth of food and – start eating. Usually, the challenge is done in one sitting, but you can also take it through the day. Or, you can take it up to 20000 calories in an hour if your stomach can take it.

Cereals challenge If we're talking about eating tons of food in one sitting, how about eating a huge ball of cereal challenge?

Bean boozled challenge One of the most popular YouTube challenges out there is inspired by the Harry Potter series. Remember those candies Dumbledore loved which could taste like ear wax? Well, you can find such candies in a store and try them out. You can do this YouTube challenge by yourself, but it's way more fun when there are at least two people taking the risk of tasting bugger candies.

Gummy food vs real food For this food challenge, you need a couple of real foods along with a gummy version of them. The real food is placed on a different plate from the gummy one. The plates are covered so the contestants don't know what's on them. When they are given the plates, they can choose, by taking turns, if they keep the plate they were given or switch it with the opponent's plate. Both participants have to eat a full mouth of the food. You can keep it beginner friendly with strawberries, hamburgers, or eggs, or you can go in advanced mode with things like animal brain.

Re: Food challenges for YouTube
November 02, 2019 04:31PM

Challenges for YouTube are gaining popularity every day. This fashion came from the west and quickly took root with us. Challenges are very different. Using different challenges on your blog - this can increase interest in it and add new subscribers. The main thing is to do everything honestly and make every effort. Most of all I like challenges 24 hours. Their subjects are different, I recently watched a girl hiding in a small room all this time. Spies around her. She tried to solve all sorts of puzzles. On the wall pasted clues. I like it. Do you like these videos? I would not mind shooting something similar.

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Re: Food challenges for YouTube
November 21, 2019 03:21AM

I like to watch food challenges on youtube. Because it's crazy. I don't participate in it. I know I will definitely fail. But I like to watch people doing it. It's an interesting challenge. hostsailor Many people from different part of the world participate in this challenge.

Re: Food challenges for YouTube
December 19, 2019 03:17AM

I saw that challenge a few times, but it seems strange to me how it's possible to eat so much food.

Re: Food challenges for YouTube
December 19, 2019 04:22AM

On YouTube there are many channels are available for learning cooking. Best CBD Oil Reviews I have tried many new dishes when I get free time. Cooking is my favorite hobby. Mostly I try to cook Non Veg items. Thank you.

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Re: Food challenges for YouTube
December 19, 2019 05:58AM

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Re: Food challenges for YouTube
December 22, 2019 09:26AM

those challenges are all great

Re: Food challenges for YouTube
December 22, 2019 09:27AM

Very interesting thread!

Re: Food challenges for YouTube
December 25, 2019 12:37AM

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Re: Food challenges for YouTube
December 27, 2019 03:58AM

Interesting thread, thank you!

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