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Online auctions: An in-depth look

Posted by fdpiiro 
Online auctions: An in-depth look
November 06, 2019 02:53PM

Online auctions are wildly popular; nearly one third of adults in the United States who go online have participated in them—an estimated 35.6 million people. Most auction-goers are happy with their experiences and confident that they won’t run into trouble. However, at NCL’s Fraud Center, online auctions have consistently ranked as the top complaint since that category was added to the database in 1997.

The average loss per victim in 2000 was $326. Auction victims often say that they never thought about the risks or how to protect themselves—until it was too late. As part of an effort to educate auction-goers about how to take advantage of this exciting new marketplace and reduce the potential for problems, NCL commissioned this Harris Interactive survey with support from Tradenable, a major provider of escrow services. The survey was designed to find out how and why people participate in online auctions, how confident they are as buyers and sellers, how they usually conduct the auction transactions, what problems they encounter, and how they deal with those problems.

Re: Online auctions: An in-depth look
November 07, 2019 02:48PM

could you tell me please whether this sniper can only track auctions? I have a link to a specific article, and I want a sniper to buy it when it appears on the link, can that do this one https://isnipe.io/en/ ?? has anyone met anything like that? I see how others buy in seconds, it’s impossible with only their own hands (( if you recommend something good in your opinion, I will be very glad

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Re: Online auctions: An in-depth look
November 22, 2019 09:05AM

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