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The Health and Beauty Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Posted by wergeson 
The Health and Beauty Benefits of Black Seed Oil
November 11, 2019 03:01PM

Nigella sativa is a small flowering shrub with purple or white-tinged flowers that grows in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and western Asia.

While it may look unsuspecting, the shrub produces fruits that have tiny black seeds. These black seeds have been used in remedies for thousands of years.

Archaeologists even found black seeds in King Tut’s tomb, emphasizing their importance in history for healing and protection. They’re also used in cooking to add flavor to breads, curries, and pickles. When eaten, the seeds have a bitter flavor that’s often compared to cumin or oregano.

Some additional names for black seed oil include:

black caraway black cumin black onion seed kalonji Black seed oil has been shown to have antioxidant properties. These can help relieve inflammation inside the body and on the skin. Herbs and supplements are not monitored by the FDA. Research and use reputable brands.

Re: The Health and Beauty Benefits of Black Seed Oil
November 12, 2019 04:55PM

I want to tell you about an excellent remedy. I have realized i need a black seed oil for my hair. A lot of people say it can be used to fight completely different problems. It has a positive effect on the dryness of the scalp, coped with the appearance of dandruff, hair loss. I started to use it very occasionally. But in half a year, I was impressing everybody with my Long-Tail. Now all my friends are using it.

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Re: The Health and Beauty Benefits of Black Seed Oil
January 28, 2020 09:39AM

I've heard a lot about that oil and its' benefits, but when I tried products with it, I was disappointed. I didn't notice any difference in my skin condition and no improvements. I had hopes that it'll help me to moisturize the skin around my eyes and remove dark circles, but as I'd already said, there was no effect. Sometime later, I came across this product here - https://franwilson.com/products/revitalize-hydrate-eye-repair-gel, and when I saw the components( Vitamins C/E, coconut water, shea butter, etc.), I decided to try it. The smell is excellent, and it took me a few days to see the first results. I still have undereye bags, but no dark circles anymore. Also, the skin is so moisturized that it feels so soft and smooth. So, I want to recommend everyone not to listen and blindly follow the trend, but try to find something which will help you.

Ella Adams
Re: The Health and Beauty Benefits of Black Seed Oil
January 29, 2020 01:47AM

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Re: The Health and Beauty Benefits of Black Seed Oil
February 01, 2020 03:31AM

This is a really healthy and very beautiful plant.

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