On the maintenance and use of plastic turnover box
December 01, 2019 09:34PM

As we all know, the plastic turnover box is a kind of common unit container. Its reasonable design and excellent quality make it easy to apply to the transportation, distribution, storage, circulation and processing in the factory logistics, and become the favor of the enterprise short-distance logistics. But the plastic turnover box belongs to a kind of vulnerable product after all, so we should do a good job in its maintenance and maintenance in daily use.

Next, we will briefly introduce the maintenance and use skills of the plastic turnover box.

1. Reasonable bearing The bearing capacity of the plastic turnover box is relatively weak with the increase of the specification. If the plastic turnover box is used overload all the time, the deformation coefficient of the plastic box will increase. Although the plastic box after deformation has certain recovery ability, the service life of the plastic box will be greatly reduced if it is used in this way for a long time. In order to reduce the weakness of the plastic box in the bearing capacity, it is advisable to add a layer of movable partition in the design of freight cars, so as to reduce the stacking of single row of plastic turnover boxes, so as to reduce the bearing capacity of the bottom plastic turnover boxes. In order to achieve the increase of service life. 2. Safe storage When the plastic turnover box is stored, it is generally stacked in empty boxes. It can find a place to protect from the rain, wind and sun for storage. The principle is oil pollution, waste liquid, heavy water and other environments. The color of plastic turnover box is easy to fall off and aging after exposure to the sun. Oil pollution and other pollution environment are easy to become brittle and Fenghua. The service life of the plastic turnover box can also be increased by selecting appropriate storage space for the plastic turnover box. 3. Orderly handling In the process of handling, the plastic turnover box must involve labor and machinery. Only the correct loading and unloading of labor and the good cooperation of machinery can achieve the good use state of turnover box products. If the handling process is too rough, it will directly lead to the damage of the reinforcement of the turnover box and other places, and the damaged turnover box will become vulnerable when it is used. Good management of the handling system is an important link to increase the service life of the turnover box. 4. Cleaning and sanitation In the process of using plastic turnover box, the oil, liquid, label and so on will cause problems in cleaning the turnover box. Including the ash layer is also a big problem of turnover box cleaning. In the process of cleaning the turnover box, because the stiffeners are mostly small gaps, many places are not cleaned in place. We suggest that the turnover box should be cleaned with a brush after being soaked in detergent, and the sticking area of the label paper should be close to the skin lines of the turnover box as far as possible, so that it is not only easy to tear, but also convenient to clean. Clean and sanitary plastic turnover box not only represents the corporate image, but also can maintain the service life of plastic turnover box. 5. Update After using plastic box turnover products for many times, we still can't meet the cleaning requirements after cleaning, which proves that your plastic turnover box should be updated or replaced.


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peter hark
Re: On the maintenance and use of plastic turnover box
December 02, 2019 03:08AM

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