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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition available on PS4, Xbox One and Switch with all the strength of a timeless classic

Posted by cheapbuymiu 

https://www.93ah.com/neverwinter-zen/ Skybound Games and Beamdog announce that Neverwinter Nights will be available for consoles from today.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition brings back the 2002 Computer RPG of the Year award-winning game with over 100 hours of DLC including 10 stand-alone D&D adventures.

The disc contains the expansions "Shadows of Undrentide" and "Hordes of the Underdark" as well as numerous modes such as "Wyvern Crown of Cormyr" and "Pirates of the Sword Coast".

"Customize your hero by choosing his class skills https://www.93ah.com/neverwinter-zen/ appearance and venture into a wonderful world of magic adventure and dangers. Tailored to the consoles Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition gives fans of all times in addition to new players the opportunity to play one of the most beloved and acclaimed RPGs of all time in a completely renewed way ".

Beamdog also worked on optimizing the game for panoramic screens console controls new content improved AI and bug fixes.

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