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4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection

Posted by fogoos 
4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection
December 11, 2019 03:34PM

Even in the warmer months, your vehicles need quality weather protection. Rain and overexposure to sunlight often cause rust and fading, compromising your vehicle’s exterior and interior. Our selection of carports and garages provide year-round shade, protection, and storage space for your cars, ATV’s, and more. Check out a few useful and practical car shelters for ultimate vehicle protection this summer!

1. Tarp Garages Tarp/fabric garages provide reliable, low-maintenance car storage you can utilize virtually anywhere. These structures simply consist of all-steel frames and durable fabric covers for affordable, portable, and dependable vehicle coverage.

We offer a wide selection of tarp garages for quality shelter over anything from small vehicles to industrial machinery. See 4 reasons to buy a portable garage and check out a few options below!

Garage-in-a-Box The ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box delivers year-round vehicle protection in an easy-to-assemble structure. With a waterproof triple-layer ripstop polyethylene cover and patented ShelterLogic stabilizers, these car shelters ensure rock solid stability and dependable durability.

Car SheltersAccelaFrame Garage Program For multi-season vehicle storage as soon as you need it, utilize competitively quick-to-assemble AccelaFrame Garages. The AccelaFrame Garage Program cuts build time from hours to minutes with its innovative quick assembly system. These car shelters offer customizable size options so you effectively and easily shield virtually any vehicle from the elements.

2. Steel Garages Steel garages offer a more permanent backyard storage solution. These durable, spacious, and versatile structures not only effectively store vehicles, but make great workshops or hobby spaces!

Car SheltersVinyl Murryhill For substantial storage space in an attractive solution, check out the Vinyl Murryhill Storage Building. This unique garage features a roll-up garage-style door and gable roof that effortlessly complements any home or building. Get maximum value for your dollar with its vinyl-coated exterior steel finish and 15-year limited warranty included.

3. Steel Carports Carports are semi-covered fabric or steel structures that either attach to your home or stand freely anywhere on your property. Steel carports provide unenclosed vehicle shelter with extremely tough weather resistance. Not to mention, these versatile structures can be utilized for quality shade and weather protection over decks, patios, or municipal properties such as parks or apartment complexes. See a few options below.

Arrow Galvanized Carports The Arrow Galvanized Steel Carport provides high-quality vehicle shelter and protection. These structures boast a 35 PSF snow load and 100 mph wind speed rating with effective corrosion, chipping, and rust resistance. The carports ensure reliable shade and shelter through every season. Available in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide range of vehicles.

HDG Steel Carports For ultimate durability and strength in a carport, opt for units with an added vinyl coating such as our Arrow HDG Steel Patio Cover/Carports. These structures contain 5 times the coating thickness than standard steel buildings to effectively resist scratches, rust, and corrosion. Ensure the highest level of weather protection with attractive carports in both freestanding and attached options.

4. Fabric Carports Looking for more open-style car shelters? Fabric carports provide portable and easy-to-assemble vehicle shade and shelter. Check out ShelterLogic carports you can utilize anywhere.

Carport-in-a-Box More specifically, a fabric carport provides practical and functional seasonal vehicle protection. The Carport-in-a-box features a fully UV-treated, 100% waterproof and fade-resistant cover to shield vehicles even on the hottest – or rainiest – summer days.

Find Car Shelters, Storage Solutions, and More for the Season Looking for more storage solutions for vehicles, lawn equipment and more? Our versatile brands at ShelterLogic offer plenty of solutions perfect for the summer season. Shop sheds, shade solutions, and much more for everything you need for your ultimate outdoor space. Contact us for questions or more information about our selection of garages and carports for quality car shelter year-round.

Re: 4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection
December 12, 2019 06:15PM

I recently bought a new car. But my layout at home is not very ordinary. There is no garage in the yard. Tell me car shelters reviews. I do not want the car body to begin to deteriorate and become covered with rust. I understand that this process is mainly affected by the weather. Condensation may collect on the car and paint may deteriorate. I would like to use this car for at least 5 years, and not to throw it in a landfill in two years at best. Thanks.

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Re: 4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection
January 09, 2020 12:42AM

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Re: 4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection
January 31, 2020 01:44AM

Parking car direct sunlight is not good for the exterior protection of the car. That is why the option of car shelters is used to handle the condition how to prevent computer threats. The variety of comfortable designs are available right now to give the perfect covering to the car.

Re: 4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection
January 31, 2020 08:56AM

These versatile structures can be utilized for quality nursing essay help UK shade and weather protection over decks, patios, or municipal properties such as parks or apartment complexes. See a few options below.

Re: 4 Types of Car Shelters for Summer Vehicle Protection
January 31, 2020 02:32PM

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