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Error collecting/validation

Posted by Ambush Commander 
Error collecting/validation
September 02, 2008 02:23PM

The main feature we're planning to ship with HTML Purifier 3.2 is improved error collection and reporting. The plan is to make things more line/column oriented, so every error will be bound to a specific line/column on the document, which in theory you should be able to click and have your textarea move automatically to.

This is a request for mockups for two different types of interfaces; a non-JavaScript interface, and a JavaScript interface.

The non-JavaScript interface would be a normal listing of errors. If we look at the W3C validator, we can immediately rip and steal some ideas:

Line 4, Column 5: error text
<body>Context HTML</body>
Explanation text

I must admit, however, that I haven't used the validator very much and, when I have, found it's interface clunky for fixing errors in my documents. Also, with a little more context-sensitivity we can give much more helpful messages than W3C; HTML Purifier knows about the most common remedies to problems and can suggest them accordingly to users.

The JavaScript interface might be a regular text editor, but with icons and highlighted lines in places where there were errors. A user could click the icon to bring up the error console, and then make the appropriate changes and dismiss it. Admittedly, I don't know how feasible this is.

Think big, think grand. We'll pare things down with technical considerations later.

Re: Error collecting/validation
May 24, 2018 12:21AM
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