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include path override?

Posted by smalyshev 
include path override?
October 31, 2012 05:21PM

I'm using HTMLPurifier.standalone.php and I see it does in its code this:

set_include_path(HTMLPURIFIER_PREFIX . PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path());

This puts purifier path at the beginning of the include path. However, this has bad effect inside a big application, since it means every time it includes a file, it looks in purifier directory first. Is this line really necessary? As far as I can see, files are loaded using HTMLPURIFIER_PREFIX anyway, so no reason to add anything to include path. Is there any reason to do it that I fail to see?

Re: include path override?
October 31, 2012 05:40PM

You might be able to get away without it; I haven't tested.

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