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Whitelisting attributes

Posted by Creatrix 
Whitelisting attributes
December 14, 2014 08:42AM


We are currently investigating Html purifier, and although we like it so far, there is one issue that breaks the entire deal. The issue is with white listing attributes. As far as we understand, we have to white list using (attribute/s, element) to achieve the result. However due to the nature of our application, we can not foresee before hand the attributes that will need white listing, nor on what element or elements they will be added. We are hoping to be able to white list attributes based on a prefix and on more than one or all elements. In other words, we are hoping to be able to white list using (postfix_* /s, element /s), where '/s' indicate one or more, and '*' indicates any character. Note that the postfix does not necessarily end with '_'.

Re: Whitelisting attributes
December 23, 2014 03:36PM

Unfortunately there is no functionality like this built in. It might be possible to do a simple patch to do this though.

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