HTMLPurifier 4.4.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ConfigDoc_HTMLXSLTProcessorDecorator/extender XSLT processor specifically for HTML documents
FSToolsFilesystem tools not provided by default; can recursively create, copy and delete folders
FSTools_FileRepresents a file in the filesystem
HTMLPurifierFacade that coordinates HTML Purifier's subsystems in order to purify HTML
HTMLPurifier_AttrCollectionsDefines common attribute collections that modules reference
HTMLPurifier_AttrDefBase class for all validating attribute definitions
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CloneDummy AttrDef that mimics another AttrDef, BUT it generates clones with make
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSSValidates the HTML attribute style, otherwise known as CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_BackgroundValidates shorthand CSS property background
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_BackgroundPositionValidates the value of background-position
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_BorderValidates the border property as defined by CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_ColorValidates Color as defined by CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_CompositeAllows multiple validators to attempt to validate attribute
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_DenyElementDecoratorDecorator which enables CSS properties to be disabled for specific elements
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_FilterMicrosoft's proprietary filter: CSS property
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_FontValidates shorthand CSS property font
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_FontFamilyValidates a font family list according to CSS spec
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_IdentValidates based on {ident} CSS grammar production
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_ImportantDecoratorDecorator which enables !important to be used in CSS values
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_LengthRepresents a Length as defined by CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_ListStyleValidates shorthand CSS property list-style
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_MultipleFramework class for strings that involve multiple values
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_NumberValidates a number as defined by the CSS spec
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_PercentageValidates a Percentage as defined by the CSS spec
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_TextDecorationValidates the value for the CSS property text-decoration
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_CSS_URIValidates a URI in CSS syntax, which uses url('')
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_EnumValidates a keyword against a list of valid values
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_BoolValidates a boolean attribute
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_ClassImplements special behavior for class attribute (normally NMTOKENS)
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_ColorValidates a color according to the HTML spec
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_FrameTargetSpecial-case enum attribute definition that lazy loads allowed frame targets
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_IDValidates the HTML attribute ID
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_LengthValidates the HTML type length (not to be confused with CSS's length)
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_LinkTypesValidates a rel/rev link attribute against a directive of allowed values
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_MultiLengthValidates a MultiLength as defined by the HTML spec
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_NmtokensValidates contents based on NMTOKENS attribute type
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_PixelsValidates an integer representation of pixels according to the HTML spec
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_IntegerValidates an integer
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_LangValidates the HTML attribute lang, effectively a language code
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_SwitchDecorator that, depending on a token, switches between two definitions
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_TextValidates arbitrary text according to the HTML spec
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_URIValidates a URI as defined by RFC 3986
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_URI_Email_SimpleCheckPrimitive email validation class based on the regexp found at
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_URI_HostValidates a host according to the IPv4, IPv6 and DNS (future) specifications
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_URI_IPv4Validates an IPv4 address
HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_URI_IPv6Validates an IPv6 address
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransformProcesses an entire attribute array for corrections needing multiple values
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_BackgroundPre-transform that changes proprietary background attribute to CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_BdoDirPost-trasnform that ensures that bdo tags have the dir attribute set
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_BgColorPre-transform that changes deprecated bgcolor attribute to CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_BoolToCSSPre-transform that changes converts a boolean attribute to fixed CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_BorderPre-transform that changes deprecated border attribute to CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_EnumToCSSGeneric pre-transform that converts an attribute with a fixed number of values (enumerated) to CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_ImgRequiredTransform that supplies default values for the src and alt attributes in img tags, as well as prevents the img tag from being removed because of a missing alt tag
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_ImgSpacePre-transform that changes deprecated hspace and vspace attributes to CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_InputPerforms miscellaneous cross attribute validation and filtering for input elements
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_LangPost-transform that copies lang's value to xml:lang (and vice-versa)
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_LengthClass for handling width/height length attribute transformations to CSS
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_NamePre-transform that changes deprecated name attribute to ID if necessary
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_NameSyncPost-transform that performs validation to the name attribute; if it is present with an equivalent id attribute, it is passed through; otherwise validation is performed
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_NofollowAdds rel="nofollow" to all outbound links
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_SafeObjectWrites default type for all objects
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_SafeParamValidates name/value pairs in param tags to be used in safe objects
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_ScriptRequiredImplements required attribute stipulation for <script>
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_TargetBlankAdds target="blank" to all outbound links
HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform_TextareaSets height/width defaults for <textarea>
HTMLPurifier_AttrTypesProvides lookup array of attribute types to HTMLPurifier_AttrDef objects
HTMLPurifier_AttrValidatorValidates the attributes of a token
HTMLPurifier_BootstrapBootstrap class that contains meta-functionality for HTML Purifier such as the autoload function
HTMLPurifier_ChildDefDefines allowed child nodes and validates tokens against it
HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_ChameleonDefinition that uses different definitions depending on context
HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_CustomCustom validation class, accepts DTD child definitions
HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_EmptyDefinition that disallows all elements
HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_ListDefinition for list containers ul and ol
HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_OptionalDefinition that allows a set of elements, and allows no children
HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_RequiredDefinition that allows a set of elements, but disallows empty children
HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_StrictBlockquoteTakes the contents of blockquote when in strict and reformats for validation
HTMLPurifier_ChildDef_TableDefinition for tables
HTMLPurifier_ConfigConfiguration object that triggers customizable behavior
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchemaConfiguration definition, defines directives and their defaults
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Builder_ConfigSchemaConverts HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange to our runtime representation used to perform checks on user configuration
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Builder_XmlConverts HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange to an XML format, which can be further processed to generate documentation
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_ExceptionExceptions related to configuration schema
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_InterchangeGeneric schema interchange format that can be converted to a runtime representation (HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema) or HTML documentation
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange_DirectiveInterchange component class describing configuration directives
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange_IdRepresents a directive ID in the interchange format
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_ValidatorPerforms validations on HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_Interchange
HTMLPurifier_ConfigSchema_ValidatorAtomFluent interface for validating the contents of member variables
HTMLPurifier_ContextRegistry object that contains information about the current context
HTMLPurifier_CSSDefinitionDefines allowed CSS attributes and what their values are
HTMLPurifier_DefinitionSuper-class for definition datatype objects, implements serialization functions for the class
HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCacheAbstract class representing Definition cache managers that implements useful common methods and is a factory
HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Decorator_CleanupDefinition cache decorator class that cleans up the cache whenever there is a cache miss
HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Decorator_MemoryDefinition cache decorator class that saves all cache retrievals to PHP's memory; good for unit tests or circumstances where there are lots of configuration objects floating around
HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_NullNull cache object to use when no caching is on
HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCacheFactoryResponsible for creating definition caches
HTMLPurifier_DoctypeRepresents a document type, contains information on which modules need to be loaded
HTMLPurifier_ElementDefStructure that stores an HTML element definition
HTMLPurifier_EncoderA UTF-8 specific character encoder that handles cleaning and transforming
HTMLPurifier_EntityLookupObject that provides entity lookup table from entity name to character
HTMLPurifier_EntityParserHandles referencing and derefencing character entities
HTMLPurifier_ErrorCollectorError collection class that enables HTML Purifier to report HTML problems back to the user
HTMLPurifier_ErrorStructRecords errors for particular segments of an HTML document such as tokens, attributes or CSS properties
HTMLPurifier_ExceptionGlobal exception class for HTML Purifier; any exceptions we throw are from here
HTMLPurifier_FilterRepresents a pre or post processing filter on HTML Purifier's output
HTMLPurifier_Filter_ExtractStyleBlocksThis filter extracts <style> blocks from input HTML, cleans them up using CSSTidy, and then places them in $purifier->context->get('StyleBlocks') so they can be used elsewhere in the document
HTMLPurifier_GeneratorGenerates HTML from tokens
HTMLPurifier_HTMLDefinitionDefinition of the purified HTML that describes allowed children, attributes, and many other things
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModuleRepresents an XHTML 1.1 module, with information on elements, tags and attributes
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_BdoXHTML 1.1 Bi-directional Text Module, defines elements that declare directionality of content
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_EditXHTML 1.1 Edit Module, defines editing-related elements
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_FormsXHTML 1.1 Forms module, defines all form-related elements found in HTML 4
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_HypertextXHTML 1.1 Hypertext Module, defines hypertext links
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_IframeXHTML 1.1 Iframe Module provides inline frames
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_ImageXHTML 1.1 Image Module provides basic image embedding
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_LegacyXHTML 1.1 Legacy module defines elements that were previously deprecated
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_ListXHTML 1.1 List Module, defines list-oriented elements
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_NofollowModule adds the nofollow attribute transformation to a tags
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_ObjectXHTML 1.1 Object Module, defines elements for generic object inclusion
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_PresentationXHTML 1.1 Presentation Module, defines simple presentation-related markup
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_ProprietaryModule defines proprietary tags and attributes in HTML
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_RubyXHTML 1.1 Ruby Annotation Module, defines elements that indicate short runs of text alongside base text for annotation or pronounciation
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_SafeEmbedA "safe" embed module
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_SafeObjectA "safe" object module
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_ScriptingXHTML 1.1 Scripting module, defines elements that are used to contain information pertaining to executable scripts or the lack of support for executable scripts
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_StyleAttributeXHTML 1.1 Edit Module, defines editing-related elements
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_TablesXHTML 1.1 Tables Module, fully defines accessible table elements
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_TargetXHTML 1.1 Target Module, defines target attribute in link elements
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_TargetBlankModule adds the target=blank attribute transformation to a tags
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_TextXHTML 1.1 Text Module, defines basic text containers
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_TidyAbstract class for a set of proprietary modules that clean up (tidy) poorly written HTML
HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_Tidy_NameName is deprecated, but allowed in strict doctypes, so onl
HTMLPurifier_IDAccumulatorComponent of HTMLPurifier_AttrContext that accumulates IDs to prevent dupes
HTMLPurifier_InjectorInjects tokens into the document while parsing for well-formedness
HTMLPurifier_Injector_AutoParagraphInjector that auto paragraphs text in the root node based on double-spacing
HTMLPurifier_Injector_DisplayLinkURIInjector that displays the URL of an anchor instead of linking to it, in addition to showing the text of the link
HTMLPurifier_Injector_LinkifyInjector that converts http, https and ftp text URLs to actual links
HTMLPurifier_Injector_PurifierLinkifyInjector that converts configuration directive syntax Namespace.Directive to links
HTMLPurifier_Injector_RemoveSpansWithoutAttributesInjector that removes spans with no attributes
HTMLPurifier_Injector_SafeObjectAdds important param elements to inside of object in order to make things safe
HTMLPurifier_LanguageRepresents a language and defines localizable string formatting and other functions, as well as the localized messages for HTML Purifier
HTMLPurifier_LanguageFactoryClass responsible for generating HTMLPurifier_Language objects, managing caching and fallbacks
HTMLPurifier_LengthRepresents a measurable length, with a string numeric magnitude and a unit
HTMLPurifier_LexerForgivingly lexes HTML (SGML-style) markup into tokens
HTMLPurifier_Lexer_DirectLexOur in-house implementation of a parser
HTMLPurifier_Lexer_DOMLexParser that uses PHP 5's DOM extension (part of the core)
HTMLPurifier_Lexer_PH5PExperimental HTML5-based parser using Jeroen van der Meer's PH5P library
HTMLPurifier_PercentEncoderClass that handles operations involving percent-encoding in URIs
HTMLPurifier_Printer_ConfigForm_boolBool form field printer
HTMLPurifier_Printer_ConfigForm_defaultSwiss-army knife configuration form field printer
HTMLPurifier_Printer_ConfigForm_NullDecoratorPrinter decorator for directives that accept null
HTMLPurifier_PropertyListGeneric property list implementation
HTMLPurifier_PropertyListIteratorProperty list iterator
HTMLPurifier_StrategySupertype for classes that define a strategy for modifying/purifying tokens
HTMLPurifier_Strategy_CompositeComposite strategy that runs multiple strategies on tokens
HTMLPurifier_Strategy_CoreCore strategy composed of the big four strategies
HTMLPurifier_Strategy_FixNestingTakes a well formed list of tokens and fixes their nesting
HTMLPurifier_Strategy_MakeWellFormedTakes tokens makes them well-formed (balance end tags, etc.)
HTMLPurifier_Strategy_RemoveForeignElementsRemoves all unrecognized tags from the list of tokens
HTMLPurifier_Strategy_ValidateAttributesValidate all attributes in the tokens
HTMLPurifier_StringHashThis is in almost every respect equivalent to an array except that it keeps track of which keys were accessed
HTMLPurifier_StringHashParserParses string hash files
HTMLPurifier_TagTransformDefines a mutation of an obsolete tag into a valid tag
HTMLPurifier_TagTransform_FontTransforms FONT tags to the proper form (SPAN with CSS styling)
HTMLPurifier_TagTransform_SimpleSimple transformation, just change tag name to something else, and possibly add some styling
HTMLPurifier_TokenAbstract base token class that all others inherit from
HTMLPurifier_Token_CommentConcrete comment token class
HTMLPurifier_Token_EmptyConcrete empty token class
HTMLPurifier_Token_EndConcrete end token class
HTMLPurifier_Token_StartConcrete start token class
HTMLPurifier_Token_TagAbstract class of a tag token (start, end or empty), and its behavior
HTMLPurifier_Token_TextConcrete text token class
HTMLPurifier_TokenFactoryFactory for token generation
HTMLPurifier_UnitConverterClass for converting between different unit-lengths as specified by CSS
HTMLPurifier_URIHTML Purifier's internal representation of a URI
HTMLPurifier_URIFilterChainable filters for custom URI processing
HTMLPurifier_URIFilter_SafeIframeImplements safety checks for safe iframes
HTMLPurifier_URIParserParses a URI into the components and fragment identifier as specified by RFC 3986
HTMLPurifier_URISchemeValidator for the components of a URI for a specific scheme
HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_dataImplements data: URI for base64 encoded images supported by GD
HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_fileValidates file as defined by RFC 1630 and RFC 1738
HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_ftpValidates ftp (File Transfer Protocol) URIs as defined by generic RFC 1738
HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_httpValidates http (HyperText Transfer Protocol) as defined by RFC 2616
HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_httpsValidates https (Secure HTTP) according to http scheme
HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_mailtoValidates mailto (for E-mail) according to RFC 2368
HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_newsValidates news (Usenet) as defined by generic RFC 1738
HTMLPurifier_URIScheme_nntpValidates nntp (Network News Transfer Protocol) as defined by generic RFC 1738
HTMLPurifier_URISchemeRegistryRegistry for retrieving specific URI scheme validator objects
HTMLPurifier_VarParserParses string representations into their corresponding native PHP variable type
HTMLPurifier_VarParser_FlexiblePerforms safe variable parsing based on types which can be used by users
HTMLPurifier_VarParser_NativeThis variable parser uses PHP's internal code engine
HTMLPurifier_VarParserExceptionException type for HTMLPurifier_VarParser
HTMLPurifierExtrasMeta-class for HTML Purifier's extra class hierarchies, similar to HTMLPurifier_Bootstrap