HTML Purifier 4.9.2 released

Posted 2:43 AM EDT on Monday, March 13, 2017

HTML Purifier 4.9.2 is a bugfix release, which fixes two regressions in 4.9.1; first, entity decoding of non-hexadecimal numeric entities no longer causes HTML Purifier to throw an exception, second, HTML Purifier 4.9.2 is once again PHP 5.3 compatible.

See NEWS for a complete changelog.

HTML Purifier 4.9.1 released

Posted 3:35 AM EST on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

HTML Purifier 4.9.1 is a maintenance release, collecting a year of accumulated bug fixes plus a few new feature. New features include support for min/max-width/height CSS, and rgba/hsl/hsla in color specifications. Major bugfixes include improvements in the Serializer cache to avoid chmod'ing directories, better entity decoding (we won't accidentally encode entities that occur in URLs) and rel="noopener" on links with target attributes, to prevent them from overwriting the original frame.

Note: We skipped 4.9.0 because that release number was briefly tagged in the release repo, but we decided not to release that tag. To avoid confusion, we've skipped to the next patch version number.

See NEWS for a complete changelog.

HTML Purifier 4.8.0 released

Posted 9:14 AM EDT on Saturday, July 16, 2016

HTML Purifier 4.8.0 is a bugfix release, collecting a year of accumulated bug fixes. In particular, we fixed some minor bugs and now declare full PHP 7 compatibility. The primary backwards-incompatible change is that HTML Purifier will now add rel="noreferrer" to all links with target attributes (you can disable this with %HTML.TargetNoReferrer.) Other changes: new configuration options %CSS.AllowDuplicates and %Attr.ID.HTML5; border-radius is partially supported when %CSS.Proprietary, and tel URIs are supported by default.

See NEWS for a complete changelog.

HTML Purifier 4.7.0 released

Posted 9:21 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HTML Purifier 4.7.0 is a bugfix release, collecting two years worth of accumulated bug fixes. Highlighted bugfixes are updated YouTube filter code, corrected rgb() CSS parsing, and one new configuration option, %AutoFormat.RemoveEmpty.Predicate.

See NEWS for a complete changelog.

HTML Purifier in Objective C released

Posted 7:32 PM EST on Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm pleased to report the availability of a (partial) Objective C port of HTML Purifier, by Lukas Neumann and Roman Priebe of Mynigma. I am aware of a few attempts at porting HTML Purifier in the past, but I think Lukas and Roman are the first ever to pull off anything to this degree. Kudos to them!